What We Do

Pythagoras Analytics is a full-service analytics and prediction firm. We build statistical predictions of voter behavior that help campaigns and political organizations persuade voters and win elections.

Our in-house modeling team builds statistical predictions of political behavior, including but not limited to:

  • Voter Turnout
  • Partisan Vote Choice
  • Candidate-Specific Ballot
  • Issue Position
  • Issue Intensity

We work with campaigns and political organizations to integrate polling, field data, digital inputs, our own data collection surveys, and many other data points to continuously update your predictive models.

We use proprietary custom dashboard technology to visualize all these predictions in an easy-to-consume, easy-to-filter format, allowing our clients, their vendors and key stakeholders to see the ROI of their investment in near real time to make the decisions that matter for victory.


How We’re Different

We believe that the purpose of analytics is to persuade voters by making political campaigns more effective. We don’t just predict accurately–we tell our clients how to make those predictions change.

We ground the design and interpretation of our models in political theory, rather than applying techniques developed to analyze non-political data to the political world.

We build all of our statistical and mathematical models in-house with American data scientists who combine their mathematical skill with extensive experience in American politics.

We have unique methods for integrating aggregate- and individual-level data. This makes our models more accurate and our updates to these models more powerful.

With a three-cycle record of working on state legislative races, we have a history of accurately predicting down ballot races and winning.

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